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Travelling Almaty by bus – saving money!

Taking a bus is most economy way of travelling around Almaty. Bus costs is only 80 tenge which is less than 20 pence. From the airport you can take the bus number 92.

Kapchagai Lake

About the lake Kapchagai Lake, also known as Kapshagay Reservoir, is a large artificial lake located in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan. It is 100 km in length and 25 km in width. Depth is around 40 meters. It is located about 100 kilometers from Almaty. New highway road. It will take around 2 hours

Charyn Canyon

Discover Charyn Canyon, a must-visit destination near Almaty. With stunning rock formations resembling the Grand Canyon, explore the famous Valley of Castles and other captivating canyons within the Charyn National Park.

The Green Bazar in Almaty

Discover the bustling Green Bazar in Almaty, a favorite spot for locals seeking fresh food and tourists looking for nuts, dried fruits, and honey. Bargain and save up to 30% on the prices!

Kok-tobe hill in Almaty

Koktube hill, correct spelling  Kok-tobe, is located just in Almaty city and very popular among tourists. You can get there by cable car road which is rather expensive, by walk or by special small buses.

Almaty bus payment system

In 2016 in Almaty new public transportation payment system was introduced. Now you can not buy your bus ticket in cash directly in bus. First you need to buy special bus card called Onay in one of many newspaper kiosks and then add funds to it. It is not very convinient system for guests of

Almaty weather

We wish you nice weather while you are in Almaty. Almaty (former Alma-Ata) – Kazakhstan’s largest city, often referred to as the “southern capital”. Almaty’s population currently stands at about 2 million inhabitants. The city attracts many tourists. But main places of interest are located outside of the city – in the mountains. Almaty climate

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