Charyn Canyon day tour

250 USD / car
Private tour
Vehicle occupancy: 1 – 4
Duration: 10 hours
Round trip distance: 450 kms.
Best time for visiting: all year roud
Available: from today
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Tour overview

You will see:

About the canyon. Charyn Canyon is a natural wonder located in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. It is a unique geological formation that stretches for over 80 kilometers along the Charyn River. The canyon is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Central Asia” due to its resemblance to the famous Grand Canyon in the United States. Charyn Canyon is known for its dramatic cliffs and rock formations, which have been shaped by millions of years of erosion. The canyon’s walls reach heights of up to 300 meters and are composed of colorful sedimentary rocks, creating a stunning visual display. One of the most popular attractions in Charyn Canyon tour is the Valley of Castles, a section of the canyon where the rock formations resemble medieval castles. Visitors can hike along marked trails to explore this unique landscape and enjoy breathtaking views of the canyon. The canyon is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare bird species and various plants adapted to the arid climate. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for camping, picnicking, and hiking. Charyn Canyon is located about 220 kilometers east of Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. It can be reached by car in approximately 3-4 hours by my organized tour from Almaty. The canyon is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and anyone seeking to experience the natural beauty of Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh steppe tour. Along the way to Charyn Canyon you will pass through the magnificent Kazakh steppe. The journey itself is a feast for the eyes as you drive through endless plains of tall grasses, dotted with herds of horses, cattle, and sheep grazing peacefully. Along the way, you might even catch a glimpse of some nomadic herders going about their daily lives. As you continue your journey towards Charyn Canyon, the scenery gradually changes from the wide open steppe to a more rugged, rocky terrain. The contrast between the vastness of the steppe and the dramatic beauty of Charyn Canyon makes this tour a memorable experience.

Charyn River. End point of our hiking tour through Valley of Castles will be Charyn River. The Charyn River flows through the Canyon and the same named National Park. The river’s crystal-clear turquoise waters add to the scenic beauty of the canyon.

Food on the road. We can buy popular local kind of fast food called Samsa along the way to the Canyon. Try some national food like Kurs, also khown as “kurt balls” or “dried cheese balls”and national drink Kumys. Or just stop in a local road caffe to taste nice shashlyk (grilled meat), pilaw (uzbek famous national food, rice with meat) or uygur popular food – lagman (spicy hand made noodles with meat and vegetables).

Tour options. Our Charyn Canyon tour is developed to be very flexible. On your request it is possible to add any other locations to the tour. Visit also so called Black and Moon Canyons. Private Museum of birds hunting history is located on the way in Nura Village. We even can make it really extreme returning back all the way through Assy Plateau. Please send your request for making unique individual tour for you and its cost. 

Tour itinerary

  • Pick-up in Almaty at your convinient time.
  • Drive to Charyn Canyon “Valley of the Castles”
  • Viewing spot at the top of Charyn Canyon
  • Going down and walking 1.7 km in the bottom part of the Canyon
  • Rest at Charyn River
  • Return back (by walk the same way or another hidden way through the top of the Canyon or by local small shuttle-van)
  • Picnic lunch or coffee in newly opened visit Charyn Visit Center
  • Way back and drop-off in Almaty

Tour on the map

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