Big Almaty Lake tour

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Private tour
Vehicle occupancy: 1-3
Duration: 5 hours
Round trip distance: 90 kms round way
Best time for visiting: all year round
Available: now
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Road to the Big Almaty Lake is closed for private cars for the last 10 kilometers length. It is allowed to go by walk which takes about 3-4 hours one way or use electric bicycles. Rent of the bicycle is 20 000 – 25 000 tenge.

There is very good alternative for private car tour. Visit Issyk Lake, which is especially beautiful in autumn.

Tour overview

About the lake. Big Almaty Lake (BAO) is a popular tourist attraction located in the Ile-Alatau National Park, about 35 kilometers south of Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is a mountainous lake situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level and is known for its breathtaking beauty and turquoise-blue waters. The lake is fed by glacial waters from the surrounding Tien Shan Mountains, giving it a stunning color and clarity. Big Almaty Lake is also an important source of drinking water for the city of Almaty. The lake is easily accessible by car, therefore it is one of the most popular tours from Almaty. I recommend to visit BAO during May-October months when the weather is pleasant and the lake is not frozen. However, be prepared for cooler temperatures as it is located at a high altitude. 

Choose the right time of the day for visiting. As BAO (Big Almaty Lake) is very popular among tourists try to plan your trip as early as possible for weekend no later than 8 a.m. For ordinary week days the lake is not so crowded, so any time is good for visiting. 

Big Almaty Lake tour program.

I will pick you up from your accommodation in Almaty at any time of your choice.

The road to the lake is about 40 kms from Almaty city center and will take about one and half hour. On the way we shall pass the Park of the First President of Kazakhstan, see the oldest water pipe of Almaty and of course enjoy great views by sides of the very steep mountain road.

Road goes high and suddenly appears a jewel of Almaty mountains – the Big Almaty Lake surrounded by high mountains. Now we walk around and have some free time (usually about 1 hour).

On the way back we can stop for a coffee at the new AyuSai visit center and have short hiking around to see waterfall in so called “Bear Gorge”, which is actually how AyuSai translated from kazakh. We go back to the hotel. This is standard program of the tour.

Tour can be extended for visiting Medel and Shymbulak the same day, shopping in the biggest mall of Almaty located just along the route.

Tour variations

Hunting birds show

Also, there is a hunting birds show on Sunkar Falconry located near the road to Big Almaty Lake. The show  starts each day except Monday at 17.00
Additional payment of 15 USD per person is required for visiting the show.

Almaarasan hot springs

If you like we can also have a short hiking (1 hour, 2 kilometer long) to Almaarasan Hot Springs along beautifull mountain river.

Hire a car with English speaking driver for the tour to the Big Almaty Lake. I will be glad to organize this car tour to the Big Almaty Lake. Please contact me any time.

Tour photos

Useful information about the Lake

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