Explore Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan by Car

on request
Private tour
Vehicle occupancy: 1 – 3
Duration: 5-6 days
Round trip distance: 1 700 kilometers
Best time for visiting: all year round
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This is of the beaten path tour, possible to go all year round with very flexible itinerary.

Tour program

Charyn Canyon, Kolsai and Kaindy lakes. We shall start our way from Almaty to the east and visit main canyons of Charyn, Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, staying for one night in Saty village.

Road to Karakol in alpine area. The next day we cross the border with Kyrgyzstan at Karkara border checkpoint. The road will be going through beautiful mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan and bring us to Karakol. We explore city and stay there for a night.

Issyk Kul lake. Next day we head to one of yourt camps or guest houses located on the shore of Issyk Kul lake. On the way it is interesting to visit mountain gorges, hot springs, Skazka Canyon and other scenic places.

Road to Bishkek. After staying in yourt camp or guest house for a day or two we start our way to Bishkek to see the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The last part of our journey will be transfer from Bishkek to Almaty crossing the border in another checkpoint on the west side of Almaty. On the way it is possible to see Tambaly Tas rock inscriptions which are recognized as UNESCO heritage.

The tour itinerary is very flexible and can be adjusted for your individual requests. Take some time for internet research to decide which places you would like to see and we shall explore them.

The main idea is that we never take the same road twice. We start our journey from Almaty, visit interesting places on the way to the border, make our way all around Issyk Kul lake from the untouched southern side, staying each night in different locations, then our way goes to Bishkek, we explore capital of Kyrgyzstan and the next day return back to Almaty from the opposite side.

Attractions on the way

Road map

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