Ice ridges on Kapchagai Lake

150 USD
Private tour
Vehicle occupancy: 1 – 4
Duration: 7-8 hours
Round trip distance: 260 kms
Best time for visiting: winter
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About the tour

This is unique nature attraction happening only in limited time during winter season on Kapchagai Lake.

On the way to the lake we will also pass Casino area located in Konaev (Kapchagai named before) city.

Also, possible to visit private museum of soviet time retro automobiles.

Ice ridges are formations that occur when sea ice or ice floes are pushed together by external forces, such as wind, currents, or tides. These forces can cause the ice to buckle, crack, and pile up, forming ridges that protrude above the surrounding ice surface. Here are some key characteristics and information about ice ridges:

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