Issyk Lake tour

Price: 120 USD
Duration: 4-6 hours

Issyk Lake tour

Hire a private taxi to Issyk Lake. English speaking driver.

Now, when it is difficult to reach Big Almaty Lake on a private car, Issyk Lake is very good alternative and even superior in some aspects.

One of the main attractions nearby Almaty is the famous alpine lake Issyk. The Issyk or Isik lake is located at the height of 1800 meter in the gorgeous Alatau mountains around it. In 1963 the lake was almost destroyed by a glacial mudflow. But today it has been restored to its full glory and is loved by many local people and foreign tourists for beautifull views, clean air, nice easy hiking trails behind the lake and some specific atmosphere the lake gives you.

The road to the Lake takes about one and a half  hour from Almaty. Trip distance is about 100 kms.
On the way, there are several popular places to buy delicious tandir amsa and airan drink for a picnic on the Lake.
If you have choice, it is better to go on a weekday rather than on a weekend, so that you enjoy quiet nature to yourself. On some weekends several hundred people could go to see the Lake when on ordinary day one will meet just very few tourists.