Sunkar Falconry

Sunkar Falconry show

About the Falconry

Sunkar Falconry is a renowned falconry center located near Almaty, Kazakhstan, dedicated to preserving the ancient art of falconry and promoting conservation efforts for birds of prey. Each day except Monday and Tuesday at 4 p.m. starts falcon show.

Location. Sunkar Falconry is located just before entrance to AlmaArasan National Park checkpoint on the way to Big Almaty Lake. It is a scenic area surrounded by the Tien Shan Mountains, providing a stunning backdrop for falconry demonstrations and activities.

Falconry Demonstration. At Sunkar Falconry, visitors have the opportunity to witness awe-inspiring falconry demonstrations showcasing the agility, speed, and hunting prowess of trained birds of prey. Experienced falconers showcase the ancient art of falconry, demonstrating the close bond between falconer and bird.

Birds of Prey Collection. Sunkar Falconry is home to a diverse collection of birds of prey, including falcons, hawks, eagles, and owls. Visitors can observe these majestic birds up close and learn about their characteristics, behaviors, and habitats from knowledgeable guides.

Conservation Initiatives. Sunkar Falconry is actively involved in conservation efforts aimed at protecting birds of prey and their natural habitats. The center conducts research, breeding programs, and rehabilitation efforts for injured or orphaned birds, contributing to the conservation of endangered species.

Photography Opportunities. Capture memorable moments and stunning photographs of the birds of prey in flight against the backdrop of the mountains. Sunkar Falconry provides plenty of photo opportunities for enthusiasts to capture the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures.

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