Kolsay Lakes

Kolsay Lakes is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan  300 km from Almaty . They are called a blue necklace of Northern Tien Shan. In the Kazakh language “Kolsay” means “a lake in the valley”. All three lakes are located in the eastern part of the Kungei Tau gorge.

The lakes are located at 1,800m, 2,250m and 2,700m above sea level. The Kolsay River originates from glaciers and makes 3 lakes: Verkhneye, Mynzholki and Nizhneye. The water in the lakes is fresh. Kolsay Lakes are very deep up to 80 meters.

Kolsay Lakes are a favorite place for mountain tourism. Trekking routes to Kolsay Lakes are very easy and fit even for amateurs. Kolsay is a wonderful place for picnics, horse riding and mountain biking. A suitable period for camping is from April to late September. Along the coast of Kolsay Lakes there are all kinds of guest houses.

Anyone, who is ever lucky enough to visit these places, never forgets their splendor, peace and tranquility, prevailing around.