Kolsay Lakes tour

Kolsay lakes – three high mountain lakes, surrounded by tall pine trees in the gorge named Kolsay. Air is fresh, nature is beautifull here. Altitude of the lakes from the lowest to the highest – 1 818m, 2 252 m. and 2 850 m. above sea level.

You will get unforgettable impression just visiting the first lake, but if you want more, go hiking to the second lake by  mountain trail which in some places is quite steep. It is also possible to rent a horse for the trip to second Kolsai lake. Road to second Kolsay lake would take about 4 hours one side on feet. On horse it will be just a little faster. For hiking route do not forget to take suitable shoes. Rain cover could be usefull as the weather in mountains is unpredictable.

Kolsay Lakes are located in border zone between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, that is why you will see border watchtower already in Saty village and can meet border patrol on the second lake. Nowdays they do not allow to go to the third lake. It is not a problem, because you will be tired enoung on the way to the second lake and probably would not want to climb to the third lake anyway.

You can pitch a tent on the shores of the lake in warm time of the year or stay in Saty village. Staying for a night in one of guest houses in Saty village just below the lakes has its adventage of seeing the local culture from inside and having very good meals for a very reasonable price.