Charyn Canyon Tour

200 kilometers from Almaty there is a second world’s largest canyon – Charyn. See Valley of Castles – one of the most intereting parts of the Canyon.

Charyn Canyon tour program

Price for carload (1 – 3 persons) 150 USD.

The tour takes about 8 -10 hours.

Road takes 3 hours (200 km.) one way. Last 10 kilometers are by earth road where 4wd SUV vehicle does good work.

Entrance cost to Charyn National Park is 780 tenge (2 USD) per one person.

Most scenic part of Charyn Canyon is called Valley of Castles. It will take about one hour to walk through it and make beautifull pictures.

On the end of Valley of Castles there is eco park with cafe.

In summer time you can plunge in Charyn river or at least dip a toe in the water.

On the road to Canyou you can try national drink of nomads –  kumis (horse milk).